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The majority of LASIK patients in the United States are not aware of the need to obtain their pre-LASIK eye measurement records.Therefore, it is incumbent upon the FDA to include this information in a public health advisory concerning LASIK eye surgery." The FDA never acknowledged receipt of the letter, and has continued to ignore this important public health issue.WARNING: Do not fall for the marketing hype surrounding "multi-focal", "accomodating", or "premium" intraocular lenses.Patients who have previously undergone RK or laser eye surgery may not be happy with their vision with these so-called "premium lenses".Preoperative and postoperative measurements and trends over time were analyzed.RESULTS: Of 807,220 cataract extractions, 1229 (0.15%) were corneal refractive cases.

There was no significant difference between these groups with respect to gender (P = .87), CDVA before cataract extraction (P = .11), UDVA before cataract extraction (P = .09), axial length (P = .67), and cataract grade (P = .46).If you developed early cataracts after LASIK, are facing cataract surgery after LASIK, or experienced a poor outcome from cataract surgery after LASIK, you are invited to join the discussion on Face Book Most eye surgeries, including LASIK, carry risk of cataracts.Anecdotal reports of cataracts shortly after LASIK, even in relatively young patients, suggest a cause and effect relationship.Ironically, after LASIK the altered corneal surface causes inaccurate measurement of the intraocular lens power for cataract surgery.This means that patients who have LASIK surgery and later develop cataracts may be right back in glasses after cataract surgery -- or worse, subjected to the inherent risks of multiple surgeries. Print this form (K-card) and have it completed by your LASIK surgeon, and then place it with your important records for safekeeping.

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