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In the previous version, one had to determine the monthly cost of each of their goals.

Now one can enter the full cost and the spreadsheet will divide that total by the number of months for the Dreamline: One thing to considerwhen using this new feature is that some purchases lend themselves to long-term monthly installments, like a mortgage or car payment.

The most shaming line of the Budget came when he reported debt forecasts, which are finally heading in the right direction, and said: ‘This is the first sustained decline in debt in 17 years.’ No wonder our economy has struggled.

We have had years of idiotic over-spending by weak politicians.

Jeremiah Corbyn indicated he would do more of that if elected.

The only spark in his moany speech came when after an oikish Tory whip, who was sitting in the gangway, made one heckle too many.

He certainly saw off Jeremy Corbyn, whose immediate response was an unhappy, stuttering vignette.

Mr Hammond had to wait for PMQs to over-run by seven minutes. The morning newspapers had almost unanimously declared that he had lost No 10’s confidence.

The additional changes were small: If you find this helpful, you’ll probably enjoy my other posts on 4-Hour Workweek related topics.

Don't yet book him as warm-up man for comedian Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown in Dundee tomorrow night, but Philip Hammond worked plenty of gags into his 62-minute Budget yesterday. In the process he perhaps wanted to distract our minds from gloomy growth forecasts.

Yes, the most boring man in British politics produced some zingers – or what passes for zingers in the Commons – as he sought to save his job. As ever, the Budget was a selective account of the nation’s finances but judged simply as political theatre, Mr Hammond performed a few notches above expectations.

Tory aides have compiled a list of three dozen Conservative MPs accused of inappropriate behaviour including being “handsy at parties”, it has been claimed.

The list, contained in a spreadsheet, reportedly names 20 ministers among those at whom the claims are levelled.

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