Is andy biersack dating juliet simms 2016

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"We both had great sets of parents who love each other, and those are the more inspiring couples than two drug addicts who happened to hang out and wear cool clothes."There is one high profile pairing that he does admire – Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

So it was only natural that they would appear together last Thursday at L.

With Andy working on his solo project Andy Black coming along this year, and Juliet releasing a new EP, after her time spent on The Voice, music has always been a huge part of the couple’s relationship.

The couple met years ago at Warped Tour 2011 and have been dating exclusively for 5 years, making music together and are often on tour together being absolutely adorable.

"We write together a lot, even on each other's stuff," said Biersack.

"Maybe not necessarily outwardly writing songs together.

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