Online dating for boomers

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to doing it or not, to talking about it or not," I say.And, as we clink our glasses, I think about how the very nature and meaning of sex have evolved for many of us over time.THE PINOCCHIO SYNDROME —WHY PEOPLE LIE ON THEIR ONLINEDATING PROFILES Prepare yourself for a shock – people actually lie on their dating profiles. Suddenly, my friends are talking about their sex lives. He's taken the bus into Manhattan from New Jersey; I'm helping him shop for an anniversary gift for his wife. Out of the blue, he tells me that he and his wife rarely have sex—and when they do, it isn't good."I just wrote a poem about how screwed up my marriage is, how Jerry ignores and belittles me, and how I'm only now, at 53, learning to stand up to him." RELATED: The Heart Wants What It Wants I nod, adjusting my mat.For years, I've been urging her to be assertive or leave the marriage."But it's also about how in bed we're as insatiable for each other as the day we met." She looks at me intensely. "I'm so surprised that I have trouble focusing on my happy baby pose, as I marvel once again at a friend's sudden openness about sex.In our 20s, nothing was more fun than sitting around gossiping about which of our partners were experienced, passionate and generous in bed, and which were tentative, demanding or kind of crazy.

In my youth, things were different: My friends and I spoke openly and often about our sexual adventures.

Love Begins is a dating site for over-40s that’s committed to making all our users feel welcome, happy and above all comfortable in their dating experiences.

That’s never more important than when you’re beginning to date again after losing your spouse.

When you’re a widow or widower, dating someone can be the beginning of a new chapter of your life; a chance to move on and make new memories, while cherishing those you made in the past.

Dating after such a loss is a little different than when you dated in your younger years, not least because you’ve been through one of the hardest things in your life.

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