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Some torrid sexual fantasy with me in the starring role!They want to screw me not discuss the price of fish.Sometimes a guy will cut the crap and nail his colours to the mast. I know that my beauty confers enormous power upon me and (confession time) I take great delight in using and abusing it to the max! I live in a large and opulent city centre apartment.He will bathe me in adoring compliments, how incredibly hot I am, the sexiest girl he has ever met, I make him weak at the knees, and wow that dress, I look fabulous in it, just stunning, it really shows off my gorgeous bod, he would sooo love to get to know me better, how about a date sometime, is there any chance of that, Emma? I share it with Cindy who is my BFF as well as being my flatmate. She has men forever falling at her feet, therefore we can relate to each other.Like, if we are sitting in the vicinity of some very ordinary, mediocre looking woman who is with her husband, the hubby usually cannot help but be distracted.He will find himself snatching furtive little peeps over in our direction when he thinks that his wife is not looking.I might chat to them but they never truly listen to what I have to say, unless I’m flirting.

Men simply cannot be themselves in the presence of a girl like me.

They are bewitched and bedazzled by us and therefore ripe for exploitation. The relationship means so much more to them than it does to us.

They are on a deadly mission to seduce the sort of ultra desirable young hottie that up to now they could only fantasize about, whereas for me and Cindy it is just an ego trip and a giggle.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a beautiful girl?

I bet you have unless you are one, which I assume the vast majority of you are not. I am relentlessly stereotyped and pigeon-holed as if my visual appeal is all there is to me.

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