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Anyone been through this or know of anybody been through simliar? Have you tried contacting the talkback/media or your local member of parliament? I think it is a stupid system that needs to be changed.

It is just wasting Centre links time cancelling all these payments. This sounds like what used to happen with the Job Network system that was in place during the Howard era in 2002 – 2007 , they treated people like shit just to get the management fee every time you signed in for your Job Club visit.

to this guy who seemed to be reading off a script and not actually listening to anything I said.

He then forced me into signing an agreement that meant I had to go there for 2 hours a week and look for work on their very old outdated windows 2000 pc's and provide proof of my efforts with copies/printouts of emails, they call this one "Job Club".

They also did not offer toilet facilities by the way.

I did what they asked of me, but I then began to start getting casual work.

Hello, I have just spent last few months with the worst Job agency I've ever encountered and looking for any advice or information.

I was made redundant in August last year 2012, went immediately on newstart allowance and was forced into signing up with a job network provider.

She also informed me that these employees receive monatary commissions for reporting a centrelink recipient has gone back to work, I would love to know how much they are getting.Having no idea about any of them I was given a list and chose at random "Job Prospects" in Footscray, VIC.My first meeting consisted of me filling out a form and the receptionist telling me they offer a 12 week "Self Help" service whereby I look for a job by myself lol... I was unsuccessful during that time in finding anything other than a couple of casual days in my industry (finance and housing settlements).So I ended up in their office and assigned a 'case manager'.During the meeting I gave my resume and explained my situation, my background, skills, education, training, hobbies etc.

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