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In the Stowe Missal a litany is inserted between the Epistle and Gospel (Duchesne, "Christian Worship", London, 1904, 199).

In the Ambrosian or Milanese Rite two litanies are recited on the Sundays of Lent instead of the "Gloria in excelsis".

These processions were called litanies, and in them pictures and other religious emblems were carried.

In Rome, pope and people would go in procession each day, especially in Lent, to a different church, to celebrate the Sacred Mysteries.

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The Roman Missal has retained the prayers for all classes of people in the Mass of the Presanctified on Good Friday , a full litany on Holy Saturday , and the triple repetition of " Kyrie Eleison ", "Christe Eleison", " Kyrie Eleison ", in every Mass.

Because the "Kyrie" and other petitions were said once or oftener, litanies were called planœ, ternœ, quinœ, septenœ .

When peace was granted to the Church after three centuries of bloody persecution, public devotions became common and processions were frequently held, with preference for days which the heathens had held sacred.

In the actual Roman Liturgy, Lauds are composed of four psalms with antiphons (in reality there are usually seven, but, following the ordinary rules, psalms without the Gloria and antiphon are not counted separately), a Canticle, Capitulum, Hymn, Versicle, the Benedictus with Antiphon, Oratio, or Collect, and, on certain days, the Preces , or Prayers and Versicles. It was at dawn that Christ rose from the tomb, Conqueror of Death and of the Night.

The psalms, unlike those of Matins and Vespers, are not taken in the order of the Psalter, but are chosen in accordance with special rules without reference to their position in the Psalter. 1) is said every day on which a feast does not occur. lxii) and "Deus misereatur nostri et benedicat nobis" (Ps. Gregory of Tours also makes several allusions to this office, which he calls Matutini hymni ; he give us, as its constitutive parts, psalm 1, the Benedicite, the three psalms, cxlviii-cl, and the veriscles ("Hist. It is this thought of His Resurrection which gives to this office its whole signification.

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