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have come to the time of their extinction, killed by the march of progress.A few years more and both will exist only as specimens of bygone species, kept as curiosities of a past age, when many of the needy things of man were not only utilitarian, but beautiful as well.Their intention was to reach the shelter of the Priory, within whose walls they had passed the previous night.

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A generation ago it was a common one in our countv.

Indeed, so fierce was the attack of De Montfort's troops that the panic in the division led by the King of the Romans became a wild flight.

Among those who fled for their lives were Richard and his son.

After the battle the Earl of Warren fled overseas, as the ballad tells.

Thus, a Sussex windmill26 came for the first time into the history books. a mill at Winchelsea received a similar distinction" When the King was dwelling at Winchelsea," says Thomas of Walsingham, " he proposed to go one day to the port to take a view of his fleet, and having entered the town, when he had just ridden over against the bulwarks, and.

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