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She and I spent hours together shopping, eating, and gossiping.

And my mom encouraged my contemptuous attitude toward my dad — gloried in it — and in between rants she helped me stalk the guys I dated by driving past their homes multiple times and dissecting every moment I spent with them.

Sexual dysfunction in women is therefore not merely a question of a chemical hormone deficiency but is often also a sign of a lack of communication with a partner and an expression of everyday stress, emphasizes Michaela Bayerle-Eder, specialist in internal medicine and sexual medicine at Med Uni Vienna.

Oxytocin, which is known as the “bonding hormone,” is also thought to enhance sexuality.

I was a mass of contradictions: smart but lacking in emotional intelligence; an equal fan of Debbie Boone ballads and Joan Jett rock anthems; a studious bookworm who loved to dress up in Spandex and go to clubs or attend midnight screenings of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show." My friends ranged from literary, tea-drinking goody-two-shoes who collected clothes for the homeless to stoners, one drug bust away from getting their juvenile delinquent cards.

My dad ruled our house as if he were an ancient despot.

The result: although the sex lives and sexual satisfaction of the women receiving oxytocin treatment improved significantly, the group that only received a placebo also had significantly improved scores.

Sexuality as the “highest” form of communication between two people For project leader Michaela Bayerle-Eder, doctor of internal medicine and sexual medicine at Med Uni Vienna (currently working in the Endocrinology Division of the University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology), this proves just how important communication with one’s partner is to sexual satisfaction: “Clearly the fact that the women thought more about their sexuality and spoke with their partners about sex during the course of the study in itself brought about measurable improvements.” This therefore suggests that it is often only misunderstandings that prevent couples from fully expressing and enjoying their sexuality.

Next, he pointed out that by “yessing” them, I could satisfy their need for control yet still do what I wanted.My younger sister, who in later years confessed she’d never felt a part of our family, stayed out of the fray.Although it’s been more than 30 years since I last saw Ron (name kept the same to protect no one), I remember him as small of stature, big of ego.He’d also often walk away in the middle of my answers.He insisted I help with the gardening on weekends, which I hated, and made every excuse to evade.

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