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Software, such as diagramming tools or modeling tools, have a variety of features.

If you are going to use a modeling tool then you should understand its features, knowing when and when not to use them.

Your approach to software development must reflect your environment, including the nature of your organization, the nature of your project stakeholders, and the nature of your project itself.

Issues that could be affected include: the modeling techniques that you apply (perhaps your users insist on concrete user interfaces instead of initial sketches or essential prototypes); the tools that you use (perhaps there isn't a budget for a digital camera, or you already have licenses for an existing CASE tool); and the software process that you follow (your organization insists on XP, or RUP, or their own process).

The principles which I removed are: You can never truly master something, there is always opportunity to learn more and to extend your knowledge.

Take the opportunity to work with and learn from others, to try new ways of doing things, to reflect on what seems to work and what doesn't.

Some of the principles have been adopted from e Xtreme Programming (XP) and are well documented in Extreme Programming Explained, which in turn adopted them from common software engineering techniques.

Technologies change rapidly, existing technologies such as Java evolve at a blinding pace and new technologies such as C# and . Existing development techniques evolve at a slower pace but they still evolve -- As an industry we've understood the fundamentals of testing for quite awhile although we are constantly improving our understanding through research and practice.

The point to be made is that we work in an industry where change is the norm, where you must take every opportunity to learn new ways of doing things through training, education, mentoring, reading, and working with each other.

For the most part the principles are presented with a focus on their implications to modeling efforts and as a result material adopted from XP may be presented in a different light.

The AM principles are organized into two lists, core principles which you must adopt to be able to claim that you're truly taking an Agile Model Driven Development (AMDD) approach and supplementary principles which you should consider tailoring into your software process to meet the exact needs of your environment.

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